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BINGO  A few changes ... please read


Our Bingo will re-open July 16th! Note.....New start time is 6:15 sharp!

NO SMOKING!! A no smoking in the hall or hall entrances rule will be in effect until
further notice. We have changed the starting time and added 2 smoke breaks. Smoke
breaks will be 10 minutes long. Bingo will start immediately after the 10 minutes. So be
back on time we will not wait for you.

We will reserve the former no smoking room for individual players for social distancing.
If you come in as a group and wish to sit together in the main hall that’s your decision. It
will be your responsibility to social distance. Please respect others including the

The Extra game at the end of the night may not be played each week. This will depend
on the attendance.

We reserve the right to alter the 2nd progressive payout depending on attendance. It
will be a minimum of $500.00 and a maximum of $1,000.00. It will be posted in the hall.
We have to have a minimum of 60 players to have Bingo.

We will have hand sanitizer available and shields in place for the workers. Masks are
not required but encouraged when not able to social distance.  Stay safe and use common sense and we will get through this together.  The health of our players and workers is the most important thing to us!

Our delicious Food and drinks will be available. Come hungry and check out what they

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